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Confederate CSS Virginia II Ironclad

Confederate CSS Virginia II Ironclad

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Scale: 1:200

Sheets: 4

Parts: 140

Difficulty: 4/5

Size: 300 mm

Printing size: A4

CSS Virginia II was a Confederate Navy steam-powered ironclad ram laid down in 1862 at the William Graves’ shipyard in Richmond, Virginia.In order to conserve scarce iron plating, the ship’s armored casemate was shortened from John L. Porter’s original building plans. In addition, the ship’s iron-plating, while six inches thick on the casemate’s forward face, was reduced to five inches on her port, starboard, and aft faces. Due to the shortening of her casemate, the number of her cannon were reduced to a single 11″ smoothbore, a single 8″ rifle, and two 6.4″ rifles.
The Virginia II was named after the more famous Confederate ironclad, CSS Virginia, also called the Merrimack because of the ship’s origins as a Union frigate. The original Virginia’s success at the Battle of Hampton Roads caused “gunboat associations” to emerge around the South, mainly driven by women; their efforts helped with the construction of the Virginia II.

Paper model in 1:200 scale.

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